On June 11, the 43rd General Assembly of the PCA considered and voted on six overtures. All were answered in the negative.

Overture 1 would have revised portions of BCO 15-1 and 15- 3 to give presbyteries the additional option of appointing a judicial commission whose decision would be final.

Overtures 2 and 9 would have created a study committee to consider changing the language of the WCF 21-8 regarding Sabbath observance, particularly as it related to the recreational clause.

Overture 3 would have modified portions of BCO 56-5 concerning parental promises during the baptism of children to make the language seemingly more covenantal in nature.

Overture 7 would have changed the language of BCO 35-1 so that accused ministers would be required to testify. In this case, the Assembly adopted the recommendation of the Minority Report to reject the motion.

Overture 8 would have reworked the language in The Book of Church Order (BCO) 13-2, 34-10, 24-7, and 24-9 regarding teaching elders, ruling elders, and deacons without call.

Additional information on these overtures, and the grounds for many of the decisions can be found in earlier articles detailing the actions of the Overtures Committee.

In addition, three overtures–4, 5, and 6–were answered in the affirmative. All dealt with the creation or restructuring of presbyteries.

The Assembly will reconvene after the June 11 worship service to consider the Duncan-Lucas “Personal Resolution on Civil Rights Remembrance.”