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Where Have All the Poems Gone?

Rather than lamenting poetry’s disappearance, it may be more productive to think about the ways poetry creeps into our daily lives.

The Call to Create Culture

For too long, the Church has seen Hollywood as a modern-day Nineveh, and hoped for its destruction. It’s time to engage, to be at the forefront of creating songs, novels, and films that inspire our nation, and ultimately our world.

Old Hymns For a New Generation

In recent decades, hymns have been seen as old-fashioned, and many in the Baby Boomer generation have eschewed them in favor of seeker-sensitive praise choruses. But postmoderns seem to resonate with the rich tradition of hymnody.

Nurturing the Next C.S. Lewis

Art Within Looks to Blend Gifts with Faith

Contemporary Art and the Incarnation

For many Christians, contemporary art holds little appeal. Common wisdom suggests that anything made after 1960 is at best obscure and at worst irreligious or obscene. Yet art—even contemporary art—matters.

Art That Is Fueled By Faith

Christians making art need to be concerned with two main things: excellence in their craft—offering our work to God for His glory; and an imitation of Christ—the prime artist, for by Him the Scriptures say “everything was made.”

Children’s Literature and God’s Creative Nature

Books come alive when children can read, understand, and interpret the stories and informational books they encounter.

The Deep Joy of Jazz

Historically, the Christian religion has permeated the experience of African-American people and their cultural expressions. In studying the emergence of jazz, it is impossible to extricate the religious element without completely altering the history of its formation.

We Do Theater Because We Believe

The power of the story compels actors and playwrights to engage their deepest convictions in the work of the theater.

Much Ado About Something

What’s the right way to consider drama as it relates to the church?

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