Reformed University Fellowship does not support the current “all-comers” policy among religious groups at Vanderbilt University and has expressed concern with its implementation. Even so, RUF maintains its registered status with Vanderbilt’s administration, along with 26 other religious groups.

“The policy requires that all Vanderbilt students must be eligible for membership in registered student organizations and that all members in good standing must be allowed to offer themselves for leadership positions. It does not require the election of certain students to leadership positions; leaders are chosen by the organizations themselves.” (Source: Vanderbilt News)

Long before the advent of the current policy, Reformed University Fellowship has welcomed all students regardless of race, color or creed as we seek to “reach students for Christ and equip them to serve.” On the subject of leadership, any student in RUF may seek a leadership position, but there are legitimate criteria they must meet to become a leader.

Because each RUF is led by an ordained minister under the authority and supervision of the Presbyterian Church in America, RUF has not been impaired by the policy allowing “all members in good standing to seek leadership posts.” Each campus minister has completed a stringent ordination process and is responsible to preserve the integrity and purity of RUF in developing leadership. This structure acts as a safeguard as opposed to a statement of faith for leaders required by other ministries.

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