The Standing Judicial Commission has voted to  deny the complaint filed by RE Gerald Hedman against the action of Pacific Northwest Presbytery declaring TE Peter Leithart not guilty of five charges that his views contradict the Westminster Standards and Scripture.  The Commission concluded that the Complainant did not demonstrate that “TE Leithart’s statements affirming his subscription to the Standards were incredible or that Presbytery’s decision in finding TE Leithart ‘not guilty’ of the five charges was win error.” The Commission noted that their review of the case was “constitutionally limited to the information developed in the Record dealing with this specific case” in accordance with their vows (RAO 17 -1, vow 4), and that “nothing in this Decision should be construed as addressing (or thereby endorsing) in general TE Leithart’s views, writings, teachings or pronouncements.” They urged Presbytery to “continue to encourage TE Leithart to take care that when he uses standard theological terms . . . in non-standard ways that he make clear those differences in use and that he continue to clarify how his views in key areas are not in conflict with the Standards.”

To read the text of the Decision, click here.

One Response to SJC Releases Final Decision in Hedman v. Pacific Northwest Presbytery

  1. Howard Donahoe says:

    For a more complete context of the Complaint filed against Pacific NW Presbytery, four files can be viewed in a Dropbox folder at

    The folder includes:
    (1) the 722 page Record of the Case, plus the 13-page Complaint
    (2) the Complainant’s 10-page pre-Hearing Brief
    (3) the Presbytery’s 10-page pre-Hearing Brief, and
    (4) the SJC’s Decision in Case 2012-05 (vote was 15-2).