John Bunyan’s classic allegory is arriving in a children’s version this June. Great Commission Publications (GCP) is excited to announce “Pilgrim’s Progress” for ages 6-12.

Although numerous children’s adaptations of the book have appeared on bookshelves over the years, none has quite captured the essence of the work, says Mark Lowrey, GCP’s director of publications: “Most books modernize the story and take away what Bunyan intended.”

Written by Anna Trimiew and edited by John Musselman of The Jackson Institute, this 13-chapter version seeks to introduce kids to Bunyan’s core characters and concepts, using illustrations from award-winning artist Drew Rose to help children understand complex names and principles. The book includes a map of Christian’s journey and a glossary that has definitions for unfamiliar terms, such as “Slough of Despond,” “charity,” “piety,” etc.

In the introduction, Musselman encapsulates the vision behind the book: that children would “be captured by the adventure, understand the gospel, and become committed followers of Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives.” As well, the book aims to impart the necessity of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and other believers for teaching, instruction, encouragement, and support. Further it seeks to present a picture of the Christian life as a journey with ups and downs, distractions, difficulties, etc. as one presses toward the grand end.

““Pilgrim’s Progress” will prepare and equip [children] on the front end for things they will or are encountering,” explains production manager Donnajo Williams. “The Christian life is full of seasons of great suffering, but also of great joy. We hope to whet their appetite, so as they grown into adulthood, they will hopefully read and treasure the original version.”

A significant element of the project is a first-of-its-kind companion curriculum to the book, to be released in fall 2014 as part of the Kids’ Quest series, which teaches children basic Bible truths. The 13-week curriculum will include a teacher manual and student activities.

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2 Responses to GCP Brings “Pilgrim’s Progress” to Life for Kids

  1. Dianne Larson says:

    It would be great if someone wrote a Pilgrim’s Progress format for VBS cirriculum. Come forth your creative person and do this. It could be very effective.

  2. John Blevins III says:

    We bought copies of this book for our 7 and 5 year old sons. They have both really enjoyed it. Our oldest son devoured the book. He came to me several times to read a portion of the book that he liked. My wife and I are very impressed with the book. Both the illustrations and the story adaptation are very well done.

    I also hope that GCP will create a VBS based on Pilgrims Progress using this book.

    GCP should consider focusing on creating about a half dozen VBS packages. With all of them having the high quality of this book both in design and content. This would be a great service for the PCA and the greater church.