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Reconciliation Study Committee Releases Report

Kevin Smith, chairman of the study committee, hopes that the report will help congregations begin to see racism as a moral issue, like abortion. And as with other moral issues, Smith notes, refusing to talk about the issue will not make it go away.

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Mississippi Church Pushes Back Against History of Racism

“There’s no reason this church should be growing and thriving. God is bringing people together in Christ.”

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Racial Reconciliation Study Committee Completes Report

Members of the committee will present their findings, conclusions, and recommendations at General Assembly. Their presentation will be Thursday morning, June 14, at 8 a.m. 

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A Place of Healing for All

“The wealthy church, or the all-black church – are they blessed? Yes,” Henning says. “But what people don’t know is what they are missing.” A mosaic of vibrant color that reflects God’s glory and His purposes in the world.

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First Pres Montgomery Repents of Generational Sins

In 2012, a fellow Montgomery pastor told DePace about his conversation with a Montgomery man who described FPC as “the church that would not let black people in.” DePace was stunned, so he delved into the church archives himself.

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