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Humility to Love as God Loves

In this talk, Bryan Chapell explores how we must change to become a part of the future church and how our fidelity to Scripture and our commitment to the Reformed faith — rather than being a source of contention among us — must become fuel for the Great Commission.

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Grace Unlimited

“Our disciplines do not make us acceptable to God because they are never long enough, deep enough, or frequent enough. ‘Enough’ isn’t a measure that works for an infinitely holy God.”

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The Gospel According to Daniel

“Christ’s grace does not wait until the last chapters of Matthew to make its appearance.” Rather, it is “the dawning light increasing throughout Scripture toward the day of the Savior.”

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PCA: Past, Present, and Future

“My sense is that most teaching and ruling elders in the PCA are thankful and grateful for our standards, but often confused and bewildered by how ineffective we seem to be in reaching our culture with the gospel.” — Bryan Chapell

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Chapell Elected Moderator

“Chapell’s reputation and experience as a reconciler, peacemaker, and healer will serve the General Assembly well.”

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