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Caring For The Congregation AND The Community

Helping the poor is the privileged duty God has given us.

Caring for the poor with effective, compassionate, and transformative mercy ministry is the privileged duty given by God to our deacons and the mercy ministry teams in our churches.

Help and Hope for Pastors Battling Porn

When pastors battle sin in secret, our role as spiritual leaders deepens our shame, guilt, and hopelessness. We feel trapped in a prison of silence and despair.

Giving the Diaconate its Due 

Central Florida Presbytery 
forms the Florida Deacons Fellowship to encourage 
deacons and elevate the office 
to its proper biblical stature.

 Come Together
 on Ministry to Refugees

When MTW and MNA bring their experiences together, they create a big-picture view of what God is doing. The Holy Spirit then can work in people’s hearts to prompt them to serve.

Around the PCA

PCA people, churches, agencies, and committees minister in a variety of settings and circumstances. Here, you’ll find a handful of upcoming opportunities to learn, grow, and get involved in our denomination’s work, all for the sake of Christ’s kingdom.

The Apologetic of Mercy

Our Conversation with Chris Sicks

When people think that God has forgotten them, we respond with an apologia in both word and deed — providing comfort and help that is itself an argument for the existence and compassion of God.

Building Bridges at PCA Mercy Conference

The PCA’s annual Mercy Conference is coming March 20-22 to College Park, Md.

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