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Humility to Love as God Loves

In this talk, Bryan Chapell explores how we must change to become a part of the future church and how our fidelity to Scripture and our commitment to the Reformed faith — rather than being a source of contention among us — must become fuel for the Great Commission.

Exploring Evangelicalism

The Presbyterian Church in America

Bryan Chapell talks with Ed Stetzer of Christianity Today about the distinguishing characteristics of the PCA.

Advancing Ethnic Outreach in the PCA

GA Plenary Seminar

Dr. Bryan Chapell will moderate a panel discussion of church leaders of Asian, African-American, Hispanic, and Anglo ethnic origins on how we can reach out among the various ethnic-cultural communities in North America.

PCA: Past, Present, and Future

We Can Have Cooperative Ministry

“My sense is that most teaching and ruling elders in the PCA are thankful and grateful for our standards, but often confused and bewildered by how ineffective we seem to be in reaching our culture with the gospel.” — Bryan Chapell

Anxiety Discussion with Richard Winter

Bryan Chapell interviews counselor and professor Dr. Richard Winter about the roots of anxiety and worry.

Suffering and Evil – Part 1

Does the reality of evil prove that there is no good, all-powerful God? Today, Dr. Jay Sklar, associate professor of Old Testament at Covenant Seminary, addresses this difficult question that often challenges many of us, and discusses its implications with Bryan Chapell. Listen in to the message–it is a wonderful discussion for young people in your church.


Birmingham Room Shortage Causes GA Frustration

Economic pressures and staffing shortages resulting from the pandemic, along with major sporting events taking place over the summer in Birmingham, result in room shortages for General Assembly.


The Role Networks Play in the PCA

Through the years, the various networks have sought to move the denomination according to their vision of the PCA’s identity.

Christian disciplines

Seeing the Christian Disciplines as Bread for Our Souls, not Bribes for God’s Blessing

One barrier to the resolutions becoming routine is the burden of guilt we needlessly attach to these Christian disciplines. 

Unlimited Grace

“Unlimited Grace” Content Now Available on Six Continents, 66 Nations

Bryan Chapell's preaching and teaching ministry is distributed by Salem Media Group.

Unlimited Grace Media has extended Chapell’s ministry of equipping and training church leaders by offering the material he has taught for almost 40 years in seminaries and conferences.


Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa Asks for Prayer

Uganda is hosting some 2,000 Afghan refugees; the first wave of 500 was expected yesterday.

Human Sexuality

Keller and DeYoung Discuss Report on Human Sexuality

At the 48th General Assembly, Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung talked, on video, about their experience serving on the Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality. The committee’s report was accepted by the Assembly.

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