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Devotion for January 13

When we exercise the sacrificial love of Christ, we deepen our understanding of God’s care for us.

Devotion for January 12

We are most determined to live for God, when we know he provides care despite our undeserving, not because we have qualified for his love.

Devotion for January 11

Be encouraged today, knowing that your flaws do not disqualify you from God’s purposes.

Devotion for January 8

Jesus intends for us to relate to other believers on the basis of our eternal relationship with him and the identity he shares with them.

Devotion for January 7

Anyone can read the words of the Bible, but to see God’s heart, you have to put on your gospel glasses.

Devotion for January 6

Our sacrifice doesn’t make God love us; Jesus’ did. That’s why we live for him as a sacrifice of praise.

Devotion for January 5

Maudette’s garden was an expression of her love for Christ — not an effort to make him love her.

Devotion for January 4

A heart captivated by grace beats with God’s love and concern for his world.

Of Interest Around The Web

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