Kara Tippetts Documentary Released on Fourth Anniversary of Her Death

“I think her legacy will be pointing others to Jesus while she was suffering, and opening the dialogue about suffering in the Christian community.”

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by Kevin DeYoung, Pastor of Christ Covenant Church
The Proper Role of the Westminster Standards

How do we know when the Standards are serving their proper role? Perhaps it’s by looking at how we might misuse them.

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by Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary Response to Revoice

Dr. Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Theological Seminary, responds to questions and concerns about Covenant Seminary’s beliefs following the Revoice conference.

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Beneath Gillette’s “What Is A Man?” Controversy

What both sides of this contentious debate hold in common is a vision of masculinity at its best.

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RUF Announces New Coordinator

Will Huss will join the RUF staff after his theological examination during the 47th General Assembly. His tenure as coordinator will begin January 1, 2020.

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