Dr. William Benjamin Gresham, Jr. passed away September 14, 2012. He was born September 17, 1950, and he was a graduate of Berry High School, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS where he earned a Master of Divinity and a Doctorate in Ministry. Following seminary, he started Reformed University Fellowship at Auburn University, which now serves over 500 students, and was campus minister for nine years.

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One Response to William B. Gresham Jr., Home With the Lord

  1. Rod Culbertson says:

    Bill and I, among others, served together in the early days of RUF. We were, in God’s amazing providence, part of that second stage of campus ministers who started ministries outside of the state of Mississippi. Bill was willing to be a pioneer in this work which was not easy in those days. He labored hard and maintained the vision. Later on, he had an effective ministry in Belize. He loved the Lord, the Gospel and missions. Today’s fruit at RUF Auburn is a product of Bill’s willingness to till the soil in the early days of planting. He planted the seed, others followed and watered it and God made it grow. He is now home with the Lord of the harvest!