“We suffered a terrible shock tonight when the pastor of New Life Glenside and my friend in ministry, Terry Traylor, was suddenly called into the presence of his Savior and Lord,” wrote Steve Smallman, shortly after Taylor passed away.

Traylor, 64, died Thursday evening from a sudden heart attack.

A veteran in church planting, Traylor had retired in September as pastor of New Life Presbyterian in Glenside, Pa., to become a Church Planting Coordinator with Mission to North America (MNA). Churches that Traylor helped plant over the years include the Jamaican church plant International Community Church (Miami, Fla.), Grace Church (McAllen, Texas), Covenant Church (Harlingen, Texas), and Redeemer PCA (Raleigh, N.C.).

“He had a significant impact on those churches. People came to Christ. People came back to Christ. Terry had a way of speaking the Gospel into people’s lives with a smile,” said family friend TE David Silvernail. “He just a heart, not just for church planting, but also for church planters. We have only just begun to see the fruit of that ministry.”

Traylor was a graduate of Oklahoma State University and Westminster Theological Seminary.

He leaves behind a wife of 42 years, Susan, and four children (Gail, Jill, Joel, and Greg).

A memorial service will be held Monday, December 16, at 4 p.m. at the Keswick Theater, adjacent to New Life Glenside, Pa.

8 Responses to Terry Traylor, Dead at 64

  1. Jeanmarie Farquharson frm International Comm church MIAMI says:

    I am so Thankful for our Faith as it means We will all be gathered one day around THE THRONE OF GRACE ! I’m really sad to hear the astonishing news of Terry’s untimely passing and I grieve with Sue, their children and Family friends and community …. But he was such a solid loving decent dedicated Human being and Christian who absolutely Laid The foundations of My Faith in its onset in Miami . Terry was a tremendous compliment to The team/Pastorship between himself & Dave Seiveight, both led THE WORK!
    GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR SEED, both physical and Spiritual…. TIL we meet again! Sue and Family, TAKE HEART, TERRY WAS ONE OF A KIND!

  2. Jeanmarie Farquharson says:

    SHALOM FRIEND AND MENTOR…. TIL we meet again!!!!

  3. Aaron Anderson says:

    Terry was my father-in-law, mentor, pastor, and a best friend. His impact for the Kingdom of Jesus was overwhelming. There are so many men like me in church planting or other types of ministry because of Terry’s encouragement, gentleness and optimism. He was real, broken, and in love with the grace of God. The family he leaves behind is heartbroken but not crushed, grieving but hopeful. Christ is risen from the dead. Thanks so much to everyone for your prayers and wonderful stories of Terry’s impact.

  4. Matthew Ebenezer says:

    Terry visited India in 2009 with Ed Spector and Adam. They supervised the construction of a much needed roof between two buildings at Dorcas Ministries/ Chhaya Cafe, Rajpur, Dehradun. This was financed by New Life Church, Glenside. He spoke at various churches and fellowships in Dehradun. Since Terry, Ed, and Adam stayed with us, my wife Annamma and I got to know them a little bit. Terry was friendly, down to earth, and sensitive to the needs of people. My recollection is that he spoke wisely; a man of few words who meant what he said.
    We will never know why the Lord took Terry at this time. What we do know is that Terry loved the Lord and was faithful to Him. Our prayers are with Susan, the children, and the rest of the family.

  5. John Musgrave says:

    I love Terry. He was the chief human means the Lord used in calling me to church planting. Hundreds of individuals could write and write and write, like I, about how much his life and personality affect us each day. Do I have a day unaffected by Terry? He was an optimist in Jesus’ commitment to build His Church, a lover of Jesus, a humble man who’d laugh at the jokes about him harder than anyone else in the room. What a man. What a gift to me. What a friend. Oh, what a joy to embrace him again in the Lord’s presence, where he now is. I want that bear hug he so frequently gave. Terry was so oppositely gifted than me in many ways. I needed him to plant a church. God knew it. So God gave me Terry. Thanks be to God for him.

  6. Robert and Sylvia Littlepage says:

    The Lord used Terry and Susan to bless our lives when we moved to McAllen Texas in 1983. Our lives are so much richer this side of heaven because of the Traylors My heart aches for Susan and his family even as I praise Jesus for the hope of heaven

  7. Susan Warfield says:

    I know Terry through my nephew’s marriage to his beautiful daughter Jill. The only time I met Terry was at Jill and Nate’s wedding, at which, while walking Jill down the aisle, he surprised her by singing “the Girl From Iponema” in place of the music planned. It was a song that held special meaning for them and I believe he even took her to Brazil once so she could literally walk on the beach of Iponema. That one moment and the story Jill told, gave me crystal clear insight into who Terry was as a father. It was so touching. Jill herself, who we are so blessed to have in our family, is the greatest testament to Terry and Susan’s parenting and the love of a father for a daughter, anyone could ever hope to leave as their legacy.

  8. Lisa Francis Gutierrezz says:

    Relatively few original members remain alive or active at Covenant Presbyterian PCA in Harlingen, TX. Those of us who did know Terry, however, rejoice in God’s grace and mercy and thank Him for sending Terry here for a brief sojourn. To Susan, Gail, Jill, Joel, and Greg, we love you, and we thank God for Terry’s faith and love for the Lord. In this, we know he rests, saved by faith, in glory with our Lord Jesus Christ forever, Amen.