Over the past two weeks, the websites of two PCA groups were the targets of attacks by supporters of the jihadist rebel group ISIS. In Johnson City, Tennessee, the 200-member Westminster Presbyterian Church, received word that a gruesome video and the language “I love Islam and Jihadist” had been posted on its website. Similarly, “Faith for Living,” the website of pastor/author Michael Milton was hacked a week later, supposedly in retaliation against the newspaper incident in Paris.

“We live in an age at war and the Christian Church, including a small, non-profit site that publishes sermons and theological reflections, now finds herself as a target for evil powers,” Milton said. “We pray that the cyber attacks will not transform into more. And with that we also pray for wisdom, vigilance, and righteous victory for the forces of good.”

Both sites were temporarily taken over by the FBI.

An earlier version of this story reported that Isis had hacked the two websites. According to reports of the investigation, Isis supporters are responsible. We apologize for the error. 




4 Responses to ISIS Supporters Hack Two PCA Websites

  1. Jedidiah Slaboda says:

    What is the evidence that ISIS was behind the hacks? I can think of a lot of other more plausible sources.

    • Andrew McCaskill says:

      Jedidiah Slaboda–I think the FBI involvement would be a rather clear sign of terrorists involvement.

      • Jedidiah Slaboda says:

        The FBI is an investigatory agency. They investigate all kinds of crimes like this. I think it should be important for ByFaith to do more than assert a claim that is as shocking as this. My suspicion is off the charts on this.

  2. Andy Webb says:

    Hi Jedidah, Are you saying you think this is a false flag operation?