The ad interim committee on Insider Movements has issued part one of a projected two-part report. The report is posted online and available here.

One Response to Insider Movement Study Committee Issues Partial Report

  1. Nelson Jennings says:

    I do not advocate the assumed only other alternative in this whole discussion, namely tampering with the Scriptures and unfaithfulness to the Bible. However, despite the committee’s efforts there are several basic, essential sources for intertwined missiological-theological discussions about revelation-translation-contextualization that are simply absent from the report. Relatedly, the report’s missiological reasoning is inadequate. For example, the report’s running, stand-alone category of biblical “faithfulness” by itself is not a sufficient criterion for evaluating Bible translations. To illustrate, kami no miko, kami no ko, and kami no musuko are among the several faithful translations (in Japanese) of huios tou theou. However, which are faithful, appropriate, and relevant, i.e., biblical? Moreover, how is the PCA or committee supposed to decide, given our severe linguistic, cultural, and missiological limitations? And what about deciding for distant linguistic-cultural Islamic settings? Let’s receive the report as educational information and dismiss the committee with thanks.