Reflection on Ferguson
by Mike Higgins

Covenant Seminary’s Dr. Mike Higgins talks about racial tensions from his perspective as a black man and follower of Christ.

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Making A New Argument for Marriage
by Susan Fikse

The dominoes are falling toward the legality of gay marriage, and the arguments of Christians seem to be crumbling beneath them.

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Academics and Faith
by Richard Doster

How the study of philosophy, history, art, and science cultivates our love of God.

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From Heaven to Earth
by Richard D. Phillips

The Santa Claus story is simple and attractive: be good and get great toys on Christmas morning. Christians tell a better story and receive a better gift. But is the basic story clear and simple in our minds?

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China: A Christmas Conundrum
by Alan Dowd

In China, freer markets have done little to free people. And our buying habits may be part of the problem.

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