Refugee Ministry in an Age of Terror
by Melissa Morgan Kelley

For Pat Hatch, the journey toward working with refugees began 35 years ago in an unlikely place: Seoul, South Korea

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Watershed Moment
by Megan Fowler

On Oct. 4, 2015, Watershed Fellowship had a watershed moment when the Gibson Pond Dam broke and flooded the church facility in Lexington’s Old Mill, a historic, revitalized section of downtown Lexington.

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A Tortured Debate
by Alan Dowd

As Christians and Americans — in that order — we have a responsibility to enter into this debate.

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Un-Coupled: The Sexual Revolution’s Isolating Consequences
by Phil Mobley

By seeking independence from the Creator and denying our rightful place in His created order, we find ourselves distorting the means designed to bring us into appropriate communion with each other, leaving us isolated.

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A Theology of Gender
by Richard Doster

In his new book “enGendered: God’s Gift of Gender Difference in Relationship,” PCA pastor Sam Andreades has an ambitious, pastoral goal: to explain“the importance of gender in relationships.”

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