MNA Disaster Response
by Curtis Moore

Sometimes, it takes a storm to reveal the breadth of God’s grace.

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Kids, Porn, and the Heart
by R. Nicholas Black,Harvest USA

What many parents fail to realize is that pornography can capture the mind and heart of a teen almost instantly. And it can set the stage for years of inner turmoil.

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Given Up To a Debased Mind
by Alan Dowd

A taxpayer-funded organization monetizing the organs of unborn children; physicians discussing the best ways to end a baby’s life while preserving her organs; and clergy, media outlets, and the White House defending it.

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by The Barna Group

While the United States remains shaped by Christianity, the faith’s influence—particularly as a force in American politics and culture—is slowly waning.

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by Eric Metaxas

How can anyone defend Planned Parenthood after the sickening video that came to light this week? Eric Metaxas tells us how.

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