Christianity and Economics
by Alan Dowd

God wants us to be free and creative and productive — and to use wealth to promote justice and help those in need.

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Wealth, Poverty, and Human Flourishing
by Susan Fikse

Thank God that He didn’t tell us to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”! As a result, we can humbly look at the poor, knowing that their need of redemption is no greater than ours, though it may be more visible.

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The Gospel According to Daniel
by Richard Doster

“Christ’s grace does not wait until the last chapters of Matthew to make its appearance.” Rather, it is “the dawning light increasing throughout Scripture toward the day of the Savior.”

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by Ed Stetzer

Supreme Court Ends Legal Debate: This was about Religious Liberty

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Making Sense of Transgenderism
by Megan Fowler

Why do so few people command so much attention? And how should the church respond?

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