Choosing a President While Worshipping a King

If politics makes strange bedfellows, then the call of Christ makes stranger ones still.

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The Role of Faith in Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is not off-limits to people of faith, and our faith should inform our views on foreign policy.

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Reforming Brokenness in Government

Timothy Persons’ grace, humility, and charity
 stem from his Christian
 calling to bring order to brokenness.

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by Pat Hatch, MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry Director.
What if Immigrants are the Answer to Our Prayers?

For centuries, the church has prayed for the nations to come to know Christ. What if the Lord, by bringing the nations to us, is saying, “Here you go. Here’s your opportunity.”?

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Repeat the Sounding Joy

Twelve of the 18 most-recorded Christmas songs in America, eight of the top 10, and all of the top six fall on the “more Jesus” side of Time’s ledger.

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