It Is Good to Say Amen
by Megan Hill

The spoken “Amen” of a brother or sister assures us that we do not stand alone but that our prayer has become “the joint and humble supplication of hundreds of penitent and believing souls, all engaged in pouring out their hearts to the God of salvation.”

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A Collaborative Approach to Apologetics
by Richard Doster

What was missing, many believed, was a way to help people find their place in God’s redemptive story. “We wanted to demonstrate that lives are formed and re-formed by that narrative,” Herron said. “We wanted to see the Holy Spirit form a Gospel-centered conscience.”

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by Megan Fowler

Perrin served churches continuously from his ordination in 1972 until his medical retirement in 2015. Dan said his brother’s legacy will be one of working to bolster Christ’s church around the world.

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Always a Woman
by Aimee Byrd

So what makes a woman a woman? Maybe the better question is who makes a woman a woman? God does. And we are a diverse group of necessary allies.

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Diversity for the Sake of the Gospel
by Susan Fikse

Marc Champagne is not content with the status quo. As a church planter in Cincinnati, he believes that the community of the church should reflect the community in which God has placed it.

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