Winsome Warriors
by Phil Mobley

Arguing over controversial issues in new media exposes and amplifies what may be the greatest difficulty facing Christians in this phase of American cultural conflict: loving each other.

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Good News for Cuba
Grace, Race, and the PCA
by Sean Michael Lucas

The story of racial injustice in our country’s past continues to shape our present. I think our elders feel and know this to be the case as well for our denomination.

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Tied in Knots
by Alan Dowd

For most of us who oppose the redefinition of marriage, this is about nothing more or less than the sanctity of the God-ordained covenant of marriage.

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An Iranian’s Journey to Jesus
by Zoe Erler

A jarring question from evangelist Billy Graham sent Shahram Parvani on a six-year quest for life’s meaning. He found the answer in Jesus Christ.

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