The State of the PCA
by Bryan Chapell

As PCA leaders prepare for the 43rd General Assembly, we are separated by generational differences and conflicting ideas about how to engage the surrounding culture. But we find unity in our fight against a greater foe — ever-encroaching pluralism.

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Elder Survived Japanese Prison Camp
by Zoe Erler

After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invaded China and sent Graham and his sister to Weihsien Internment Camp, where they joined 1,500 other prisoners, including Olympic runner and missionary Eric Liddell.

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Sparking the Next Generation of Leaders
by Megan Fowler

Youth eXcelling in Leadership and Reformed Youth Ministries have teamed to mentor and train the PCA’s most promising new leaders.

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The Ways We Tamper With God’s Word
by Staff

It’s not just the other guys’ churches that make a mingle-mangle of Gospel truth. The Bible and church history relentlessly demonstrate that it can happen in your church and mine.

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