Healing and Humility
by Megan Fowler

For too long only a few pastors have tried dealing with the issue of race, but most white PCA pastors did not join their efforts. Now white brothers are entering the conversation, and many of them are offering their stories of messiness and humility.

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by Staff

He served on the Board of Directors of the Pensacola Theological Institute, was one of the five founders of Reformed Theological Seminary and served on the Board of Trustees as Secretary of that institution for 43 years.

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Pray for Me Campaign
by Allison Dowlen

A child beginning the Pray for Me Campaign at age 5 could have as many as 45 adults praying for him if he continues through high school. That amounts to nearly 10,000 prayers from adult generations on behalf of one student.

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It Is Good to Say Amen
by Megan Hill

The spoken “Amen” of a brother or sister assures us that we do not stand alone but that our prayer has become “the joint and humble supplication of hundreds of penitent and believing souls, all engaged in pouring out their hearts to the God of salvation.”

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A Collaborative Approach to Apologetics
by Richard Doster

What was missing, many believed, was a way to help people find their place in God’s redemptive story. “We wanted to demonstrate that lives are formed and re-formed by that narrative,” Herron said. “We wanted to see the Holy Spirit form a Gospel-centered conscience.”

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