Re-Membering the Body
by Walter Henegar

Ambivalence toward formal church membership is increasingly common, and not without reasons.

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Rethinking the Role of the Interim
by Larry Hoop

A traditional interim is essentially pulpit supply. But an intentional interim has a ministry akin to that of John the Baptist: He prepares the way for the next pastor.

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Actions of the 43rd General Assembly of the PCA
by L. Roy Taylor

What happened, who attended, and what will be remembered about this year’s General Assembly.

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More Than a Seat at the Table
by Zoe Erler

“Particularly for us in our denomination, we have to be able to confess our ignorance and our need for help when it comes to advancing ethnic outreach in the ministry,” said Thurman Williams. “We’re not good at it. We need to learn from people who are so that we can become good at it.”

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by Nancy Franson

The author of four books that are widely used among women in the church, “[Emalyn] embodied graciousness with a love that just reached out and enfolded whoever was near,” said Susan Hunt, former Director of Women’s Ministry for the PCA.

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