by Mark Dalbey

The purpose of Covenant Theological Seminary is to glorify the Triune God by training his servants to WALK in God’s grace, MINISTER God’s Word, and EQUIP God’s people — ALL for God’s MISSION.

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Parakaleo to Receive 2016 Love Gift
by Melissa Morgan Kelley

Thomas and co-founder Tami Resch launched Parakaleo in 2005. To date, the ministry has served more than 300 women in 16 networks, and thousands of women have attended Parakaleo training events and workshops.

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by Joel Hathaway

Conflict in churches leads to splits so often as to make them commonplace, though no less sad. This makes the story of church unification all the more compelling—as in the case of two PCA churches in Ackley, Iowa.

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GA Approves Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation Study
by Larry Hoop

The study committee will assess the current situation in the denomination regarding racial reconciliation, identify specific problems that need to be addressed, and “develop constructive guidelines and suggest concrete steps for the use of the PCA, including all presbyteries and sessions, in order to make progress toward the work of racial reconciliation.”

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The Diversity Dance
by Megan Fowler

“It seemed like the best way to minister to the Spanish speakers would be to provide as much in Spanish to them as possible, which means a whole worship service.”

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