PCA Founder Paul Settle Has Died

In a trivia contest about PCA history, if asked, “Who was the first member of the PCA?,” many veterans of the denomination would agree it was Paul Gunter Settle.

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An Imperative of Compassion

As nations and governments close borders and answer the cries of the vulnerable with fear and anger, MTW missionaries around the world are responding with the love of Christ, working with and through local churches to address the needs of refugees everywhere.

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Our Union
 With Christ

A diminished view of union with Christ, Wilbourne believes, brings a diminished view of salvation: We may know what Christ saved us from, “but we lost sight of what God has saved us for.”

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by Paul Hahn, MNA Coordinator
Church Renewal As a Way of Life

According to MNA Coordinator Paul Hahn, church renewal is our denomination’s “need of the hour.” By any quantitative standard, Hahn says — baptisms, conversions, giving, new members — about a third of PCA churches are in need of renewal.

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Christianity And Complicity

Knowing what we know, what will we do? Our sins of omission are great, and our complicity grows greater still as our knowledge of evil increases. To whom much is given, much will be required.

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