The General Assembly has  approved Overture 45 from Potomac Presbytery by a vote of 814-87 with 15 abstentions. The overture authorizes the moderator to create a “Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation study committee, comprised of multiple ethnicities with ruling elder participation.”

The study committee would assess the current situation in the denomination regarding racial reconciliation, identify specific problems that need to be addressed, recommend specific steps that sessions and presbyteries could take to promote the

Through the overture the General Assembly also urges each presbytery and session to form similar study committees to consider how to make progress toward racial reconciliation in their specific contexts.

Read the text of the Overture here.

One Response to General Assembly Approves Overture 45

  1. John Monroe says:

    I am a member of Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. As one of the inputs to the work of the Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation study committee authorized by Overture 45, I would like to suggest the use of the resolution of the effect of prejudice within the Jerusalem church which is recorded in Acts 6:1-6. The prejudice between believers who were native Hebrews and those who were Hellenistic Jews had resulted in an unequal daily distribution of food to widows. The church treated this matter very seriously and created the office of Deacon. The first deacons, who based on their names were likely Hellenistic Jews, became very instrumental in the leadership of the church and the spread of the gospel and in the growth of the church.