Nabors Offers Unique Perspective on Poverty
by Staff

Randy Nabors has authored a challenging new book, “Merciful: The Opportunity and Challenge of Discipling the Poor Out of Poverty.”

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For Every Tribe
by Zoe Erler

One of the worst days of Elidamares (“Eli”) de Almeida’s life was the day she had to take her husband to the doctor with her.

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To-Do Lists
by Alan Dowd

My mom was — and still is — a master of to-do lists. “The first thing we need to do is make a list of what to do,” she would say, without any sense of irony. It was sometimes frustrating, but it always served a purpose.

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The Biblical Meaning of Success
by Hugh Whelchel

Two great lies have been promoted in our culture during the past 20 years. They are told to children in school, students in college, and workers throughout the business world.

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Bringing Family to the Unadopted
by Phil Mobley

Can Christian orphan-care ministries really claim excellence when at least a semblance of an intact family structure is absent?

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