Dying with Grace
by Zoe Erler

Kara Tippetts, 38, was the wife of PCA church planter Jason Tippetts (Westside Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado) and a mother to four young children. She died of cancer on March 22.

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Befriending the Stranger
by Nancy Franson

Emerging from one act of compassion, For the Nations Refugee Outreach now serves 100 students on two campuses.

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My Role is to Be There with Them
by Phil Mobley

Michael Brown’s death led Amy Fishbein to organize a “buycott.”

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Valentine’s Day: Time to Show and Tell
by Alan Dowd

I love you means giving completely of yourself for others — God, your spouse, your brother, your neighbor, your comrades-in-arms.”

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The Vitality of Youth, the Wisdom of Age
by Steve Estes

Proverbs 20:29 tells us, “The glory of young men is their strength. Gray hair is the splendor of the old.” Or as the Moffat translation puts it, “A young man’s strength is his charm, and gray hairs make even an old man beautiful.”

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