How Do We Love a Broken World?

We are called to be signposts of the kingdom in a world where nothing seems to have metaphysical or moral weight — and yet it does, and that it does, it is ours to steward, with imagination, winsomeness, clarity, and determination.

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The Mission Field Down
 the Hall

Walt Mueller equips adults to see student ministry for what it is: a cross-cultural mission field.

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Facing Fear

There’s a sense that upheavals are underway, major shifts are happening, but on the surface life continues as normal. Is it valid to be anxious in this cultural moment? How does God speak to us when we are afraid? And where do we go from here?

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Spiritual Hardiness in a Cushy World

When times are easy, suffering can surprise us and mess with our minds so profoundly that we forget who we are in Christ.

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by Interviewed by Richard Doster and John Robertson
Knowing the Reality of Our Triune God

In the final analysis Packer writes, “What matters supremely is not that I know God, but the larger fact which underlies that knowledge: He knows me.”

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