How Freedom from Sin Frees Us to Serve
by Ed Eubanks Jr.

Many believers revel in their Christian liberty, while others shy away, worried that liberty too easily turns to license.

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Heirs of the Covenant
by Susan Hunt

Covenant is a promise that stretches from Genesis to Revelation: “I will be your God, you will be my people, I will live among you.”

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A Picture of Saving Faith
by Guy M. Richard

Faith looks like knowing Christ, loving Christ, and trusting Christ in a way that is both active and growing.

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The Blessing of Covenant Baptism
by Robert Orner

When children are born, they enter a dangerous world. Therefore, as we give our children in baptism, we are receiving a powerful gift of hope that God will be our child’s God.

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The Ascension
by Charles Colson

Was Jesus defying the laws of gravity to provide one final proof that He was actually the Son of God? Or was it Jesus’ vertical departure to heaven where He goes to prepare a permanent home for us? If we are to recover the practical import of Jesus’ exaltation for the Christian life, then we must first explore the theological significance of this odd but awesome event.

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