: Worshipping Jesus in 2014
by Jason A. Van Bemmel

Christmas is not over yet.

While our rushed, retail-driven culture wants to start the Christmas season in October and end it on Dec. 26, the traditional church calendar extends Christmas until Epiphany.

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Do Unto Others — Everyone, Everywhere
by Ann Kroeker

Jesus commands us to look beyond our own needs to actively serve people the way we’d like to be served — to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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Perseverance of the Saints
by Michael A. Milton

Perseverance of the Saints cannot be reduced to “once saved, always saved.” That phrase does not tell the whole Story of the biblical doctrine.

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When God’s Answers Aren’t What We Wanted
by George C. Fuller

Have you ever prayed for A and gotten B? Maybe you have an A on your prayer list now, but B may come. It would be interesting to know what lessons you can learn from biblical verses that relate to the prayers of Job, Paul, the Philippians, and Jesus, all of whom asked for A and received B.

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Prayer as a Way of Life
by Richard Doster

Christians struggle with prayer. So much so, says Paul Miller, author of A Praying Life, that only about 10 percent of believers claim to have an effective or meaningful prayer life.

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