Dr. George W. Long, Jr., pastor at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church from 1964-1986, passed away Wednesday.

The church sent this letter to the congregation:

“Dr. Long’s pastorate lasted longer than any previous pastor since 1892. He was a graduate of Wheaton College, Columbia Theological Seminary, and earned a Doctorate of Theology from Edinburgh University. His leadership skills were put to use in his Air Corps days as he flew a P-51 fighter over Germany during World War II. He was installed as pastor at LMPC on Nov. 29, 1964, and he was prepared and eager to begin turning the vessel of LMPC toward new horizons.

During his years of ministry, many hearts were turned toward Christ, and many others that had grown cold toward Christ were revived. The church as a whole began to love the Word of God with a new fervor, in particular during and after the Lay Renewal of 1975, which he initiated. The small group ministry also began during this season through the hiring of his associate pastor, Roger Gulick, and continues to this day. He also oversaw LMPC’s denominational change from the Presbyterian Church in the United States to the Presbyterian Church in America in 1982.

Even after retirement Dr. Long stayed active in ministry, serving as minister-at-large for International Students, Inc. for five years and working for 10 years with the Barnabas Ministry at Covenant Theological Seminary, encouraging and advising over 500 younger pastors across the U.S. His impact at LMPC was so great that the Session approved the resolution of the establishment of the annual George Long Preaching Series on June 25, 2001.

Dr. Long strongly believed that God’s Word would never “return to him void, but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent” (Isaiah 55:11). This belief established a legacy of faithfulness to God’s Word at LMPC that we benefit from today, and will for generations to come.

Service arrangements have not yet been made. Dr. Long is survived by his wife Katherine, his children, Bill, Eleanor, Phil, and Harry, and many grandchildren. Please join us in praying for the family, the community, and the wider PCA community who are mourning his loss.

3 Responses to Dr. George Long, Former Pastor At Lookout Mountain Presbyterian, Dies

  1. Thomas MacGregor says:

    Praise our Lord Christ that He has sent faithful messengers to build up His Church! May Jesus Christ be praised through the labors of men like George Long. Having entered the Church Triumphant, George now rejoices in His Savior, face to face. Pray for others to follow in Christ’s train and to fill the ranks of the Church Militant.

  2. Bob Porter says:

    I am sure that y’all get tired of hearing this but Pastor MacGregor is not dead; he is more alive than he has ever been!

  3. joe Novenson says:

    Dr. Long lived and proclaimed Jeremiah 6:16-17…he called all to find God’s ancient and tested paths in His infallible and inerrant Word.

    He has set a trajectory of godly life and preaching that is simply Christ honoring in countless ways. I stand upon the shoulders of a remarkable older brother in Christ.

    With praise to God for Dr. Long’s influence upon my life to seek Christ’s glory and immerse myself in His Word,

    Joe Novenson