Alex Jun, a ruling elder and university professor, is the first Korean-American to be elected moderator of the PCA’s General Assembly. In the newest installment of PCA Voices, Jun explains that he’s often asked about the Korean church: Why do these churches exist? What purpose do they serve? Where is this branch of the PCA going?

In this presentation, Jun, a member of a Korean speaking church and presbytery, provides his perspective on the history and future of the Korean church.

One Response to Caught in Multiple Worlds

  1. Paul Meiners says:

    Missions is a helpful place for us to pursue understanding differences and trying to bridge them with the gospel, because that is what we are doing in other countries. We have often had good experiences co-laboring with Korean missionaries and have had to understand their culture and ministry perspective to figure out how to work in complementary ways. The same things could happen in the US if predominately Anglo churches and presbyteries worked out partnerships with others less like them to find out what values influence their ministry choices and learn how to reach the parts of their community that are not represented in their congregation or presbytery. It will be a healthy stretching experience, but not as much as in another country!