The Christian-Cultural Complex

Nebuchadnezzar observed both Daniel’s faithful service and his prayers to the one true God. The Romans knew the first Christians by both their refusal to worship idols and their adoption of abandoned babies.

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by Interviewed by Richard Doster
Echoes of Eden

In the great art there are what I call echoes of Eden — memories of the true story of who we are — and of the world as God originally created it — beautiful and good and glorious.

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by Megan Fowler
Music With Hope

I would be gratified if these pieces pointed to hope that is grounded in truth. Hope that is not grounded in truth is sentimentalism, and it is always disappointing.

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Using Hymns to Build Our Faith

“Congregational singing is a high and holy privilege, and it’s also a command. It has an effect on individual spiritual formation but also joins believers together and can serve as a radical witness.”

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Film About PCA Pastor Earns Critical Recognition

The documentary was created by Grain, a St. Louis-based creative firm that helps its clients create beauty and uproot ugliness. Director John Pa hoped that sharing Higgins’ story would “at least start a conversation about these prejudices we have in our heads, minds, and hearts.”

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