The General Assembly voted on the following overtures on Thursday afternoon and evening:

Overture 3, referred back to Chesapeake Presbytery without prejudice.

Overture 5, answered in the negative.

Overture 7, referred back to the Administrative Committee.

Overtures 21 and 22, affirmed.

The Assembly affirmed the recommendation to answer Overture 25 in the negative.

Overture 26, answered in the affirmative.

Overture 32, referred back to James River Presbytery without prejudice.

Overture 37, approved as amended.

Overture 38, approved as amended.

Overture 14, answered in the negative, as instructed in the minority report.

Overture 36, failed for lack of votes. It failed to garner the 645 votes needed in order to make changes to the RAO.

Overture 39 was answered in the negative.

Overture 40 failed for lack of votes.